Aluminum extrusions are lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant, reflective, and infinitely recyclable. From building and construction, to lighting, transportation and retail display, ĢӰ has a reputation for extruding high quality small shapes on our 6” circle size presses. Our onsite Die Shop maintains tooling for over 6600 dies; half are custom dies designed for specific customers. The other half are standard dies available for use by anyone.

Custom Dies

When you have a need for a unique shape, let us help you from the very start. Our Sales Team is backed up by design engineers and experienced extrusion tool and die professionals. The more we know about your part, its application, and any mating parts, the better we can assist you. Lead time for a solid die to be made is two weeks after we receive your signed die proposal print. A hollow die will take three weeks to construct. Once you approve the die sample, orders usually take 4 weeks to produce

Standard Dies

If you need a basic extruded shape like a flat bar, angle, tube or channel, take a look through the standard dies we maintain. Minimum order quantity is 500 pounds per die. Lead time for orders is usually 4 weeks. We do not have samples for our standard dies, and we do not stock the extrusions. All purchase orders are made to order.